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A company that contributes to people's health and protection of the environment on the global stage

As a company, our role on the world stage is to provide goods and services that help maintain and improve people's health, both inside and outside Japan, and to conduct business which is useful, even in a small way, for maintaining and improving the global environment that is a shared asset of all humankind.


Being a "value partner" for our customers—creating and offering new added value while looking to the future and anticipating changes in the times

We will continue efforts to foresee the future, and be a company which creates and offers fresh, cutting-edge goods and services that anticipate coming trends. Our vision is to continue to be a "value partner" that all our customers are glad to work with.


Realizing perpetual growth of society and our company by contributing to stakeholders

All our employees engage in their daily work with these guidelines firmly in mind. This is an updated version of the Philosophy we established in 1988, expressing the AKIBO spirit that has continued in an unbroken line since our founding.

  • A= Advance
    Staying ahead of the times
  • K= Knowledge
    Never forgetting to question and learn
  • I= Innovation
    Creating new added value
  • B= Basis
    Ensuring compliance
  • O= Organization
    Creating an organization with a culture of openness, and valuing the joy and meaning of life that employees find in work